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Naruto: Faith in You, Ch. 6
“Wasting time,
Let the hours roll by,
Doing nothing for the fun.
Little taste of the good life,
Whether right or wrong,
Makes me want to stay, stay, stay,
For awhile.”

Sasuke sat on the living room sofa and stared pointedly at the front door. Neji stood, leaning against the wall across from the couch, his eyes boring into Sasuke's forehead. They hadn't spoken or really shown any signs of movement for the past hour or so, identical sneers painted on each face.
It was during this tableau that Naruto entered, one hand on the doorknob and the other scratching the back of his neck embarrassedly.
“Hey guys, I'm sorry I had... to...” he trailed off, goofy grin fading. Both men turned slowly toward him and scowled.
“Er... what's going on with you two?” he asked uncertainly. Neji pushed himself off the wall.
“You couldn't find a replacement, then?” There was just a hint of a verbal wince in his voice. Sasuke looked similarly unimpressed with the th
:iconstrayfish:Strayfish 3 5
Shigella's Entry into M-cells by Strayfish Shigella's Entry into M-cells :iconstrayfish:Strayfish 15 22 Effect of Amph on DA Neurons by Strayfish Effect of Amph on DA Neurons :iconstrayfish:Strayfish 19 24
Naruto: Faith in You, Ch. 5
Faith in You: Chapter Five
“We're strange allies with warring hearts,
The space between
The bullets in our firefight,
Is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you.
The rain that falls,
Splashes in your heart,
Runs like sadness down the window into...
The space between
Our wicked lies,
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain.”

Naruto scrambled to his feet, backing away from the confused boy.
“Sasuke, I… I can’t do this. I made a mistake,” he stammered, leaning against a tree for support. “There’s too much,” he gestured to the space between them.
“Naruto, what’s going on?” Sasuke began, stepping toward him. Naruto turned his head away, looking instead at the ground.
“I’ll find you a better escort. I’m really sorry,” he went on, ignoring Sasuke. He jumped up into the branches, beckoning to his ward. Sasuke followed Naruto into the trees. In his state, I wonder if I could escape? But the seal…
:iconstrayfish:Strayfish 3 2
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Spatter Upon My Heart - Rom.
Waiting to See You... (Stage 2)
      He watched his fox intently, his onyx eyes processing each element on his entity. He found it amusing that their attire was the same on that day. He knew the exterior reason, a funeral for an official they both heard of, but never put the effort into knowing; it was just respectful that they make an appearance.  Either way, it didn't change the snicker that rippled his heart. He thought it intriguing to see the boy in such contrast to himself. As per his umbrella, most of his clothes were dry, though Sasuke's eyes were drawn to the moist splashes tracing his pant bottoms. It flawed him, partially brought him to Sasuke's existence.
      A hidden expression of shock shook his chest as those drops began tapping gently above his head rather than through his charcoal strands. He looked up...straight into a beckoning smile.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 4 3
Spatter Upon My Heart - Pass.
See You Bound Forever... (Stage 3)
      He couldn't hear what his fox was avidly expressing beside him. He could hear his voice, but Sasuke couldn't make out any of the words. But that didn't matter to him. Just hearing his unique tone was enough.
      They had started walking from that spot where they met in silence, but he had started talking randomly as their steps carried them away together. Sasuke knew he probably looked bored, but in truth, his heart was pulsing disjointedly in his chest. His fox's words were slick with passion, which slipped into the breath that carried them. It stroked Sasuke's moist skin ecstatically as the rant continued. It blew against his ear, clung to his neck, kissed his throat. Sasuke's cheeks felt warm, but...
      It gave him chills...
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 2 3
Spatter Upon My Heart - Comm.
...Together in the Rain (Stage 5)
      Though neither had said a meaningful word throughout this little excursion in the scattered tears of the sky, the silence that held their entities now brought a sense of inner pride...a pride that was theirs alone. It was hard for both of them, the reserved black Shadow and the eccentric Fox Demon, to admit how they felt, especially towards the other.
      Naruto didn't complain when his hand clasped the umbrella stem and shielded them both. Sasuke didn't overtly react to the soft touch of his palm embracing the small of his back.
Like two drops...bound together in the rain...<i>
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 4 3




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Thank you for faving my birthday gift for Captain Osaka!!
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